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BITKA means Unity in Diversity. It comes as an acronym for Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, the national motto of Indonesia.

We’re a speciality a coffee store and roastery that’s Founded in 2022. As we all know, especially in Indonesian Coffee, each region represents different taste and culture, and in each one, a different dimension of taste that you can mix into a cup. Thats why, BITKA is created to represent the beautiful taste of diversity in Indonesia into one, it is our aim to combine millions of different taste and culture of Indonesia into one, single cup, bringing all the different cultures, nature, language, races, ethnicities , religions and beliefs into one single sip.


BITKA is proud to announce our slogan “Taste the origin”, just like there’s unlimited number of stars in the sky, there’s unlimited number of potential taste that you can get from Indonesian nature alone. Theres a limitless number of potential and diversity of taste from Indonesia that you can feel, experience and enjoy. That’s why all of our coffee is proudly sourced from Indonesia, where we work closely with our farmers, to produce different combination of taste, from a different profile of lands, with a multitude of unique human touch, so that each region will have their own voices and taste that you can experience. We present you a different dimension of coffee experience, enjoy the process of planting, maintaining, cherry-picking, processing, roasting and brewing. Enjoy the hands on experience of making your own unique coffee.

Our Values

Premium quality - To get premium and specialty grade coffee, we tightly control our quality not WHEN the beans arrive at our roastery, but directly from WHEN the beans are planted, by working closely with our affiliate farmers.

Authentic diversity - We do our best to give voices to each region, so there is unity in diversity, we work closely with each farmer to ensure they each have their own distinct taste and experience.

Integrity - We didnt take our commitment lightly, making sure that our promise of a specialized coffee beans in taste, quality and experience is our utmost commitment. We’re making sure that everything thats in your cup is BITKA Quality by continuous research and development.

Our Product & Services

Roastery: By having our own roastery, we can create OUR own coffee, but its not limited just for our own coffee, you can make your OWN unique coffee, just buy the green beans you like and we can get them roasted with your own personal touch. We welcome cafe, restaurant and even personal requests to make it your own!

BITKA Coffee Products

bitka bean bag

Coffee Beans

Our own single origin specialty coffee and blended coffee from all over Indonesia.

bitka drip bag

Coffee Drip

Want to enjoy your own coffee without residue? Brew it like a Tea! our coffee drip product can make you enjoy coffee without having to bother with the residue.

bitka cold-brew

Cold Brew

Enjoy the sip of nature through our Coldbrew cans and bottles.

bitka capsule

Coffee Capsule

No time to make your own coffee ? We provide coffee capsule for you on the go!

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